Bicycle Trade-In Program

 The Bicycle Store has the best bicycle trade-in program.  Clients have brought their bikes to us for evaluation from all reaches of the tri-state area.  Bicycles that qualify for our bicycle trade-in program are generally no older then five years and were purchased from a bike shop (sorry no department store brands). 


We will consider most childrens and adult bicycles.  We will make an offer even if the bicycle was not originally purchased from us.  Trading in your bike is just like trading in your car.  We will do our best to offer a fair price. 


Please remember that neglect, worn components, style, current stock and age of the bicycle will affect final value.  Keep in mind that a trade-in is a fast and hassle free way to sell your bike and differs dramaticaly from selling a bicycle on your own. If you accept our offer store credit is then applied to your account and can be used to purchase whatever you wish. 


*We reserve the right to refuse any bike based on condition and type.

*Higher valued bikes we will be taken on a case by case basis.